Games to Play
Well, you probably have to be my age to remember this toy. The Button - on - a - string has been around for more years then most can remember. Take a 2-3/8" disk made from cedar and add a string and 2 handles and you have hours of fun that everyone will want to try.
Price $ 2.50 shipping weight 3 oz.
Button - on - a - string
Tic - Tac - Toe
Challenge each other to a game. Another
game that has been making everyone happy to play for years. The board is made from Poplar hardwood and measures 6 by 3-1/2 "
Price $ 6.95 shipping weight 10 oz.
Jump All But One Game
Can you do it? Can you be the one to jump all the pins and leave only one left? You jump just like checkers, not as easy as it sounds. Everyone will want to take a turn and try their luck. Measures 6" on each side Price $ 5.95 shipping weight 9 oz.
Heart Puzzle
The heart puzzle teaches young children
coordination and problem solving.
5-1/2" high and 4" at base. Made of poplar
Price $ 5.00 shiping weight 10 oz.

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House Full of Cats
Children will have fun putting this puzzle together. A Mother
and Father Cat and 5 little ones
Make this a full house of cats.
Made of Poplar Hardwood
weighting 1 lb. and is 8-1/2 "
Long by 6" high Price $ 16.95