Your little one will have fun pretending to hunt with this pop gun. Measures 24 " long and made fron
Poplar hardwood. Price $ 11.95
shipping weight 1 lb 2 oz.
For that little cowboy in the family. Made from poplar wood and ready for make believe they are in the Old West. measures 7" long
Price $ 5.95 shipping weight 7 oz.
Made for the youngster who wants to pretend he is hunting the big game with his father. Sports a 24" barrel and a working bolt action this was modeled after my model 54 (30-30). The scope
has cross hairs for sighting in the target and a real leather sling for easy carring. Made from poplar hardwood. Barrel was turned on a lathe to match the real barrel. Measures 35" overall. Price $ 34.95 Shipping weight 3lb. 4 oz.

American Hand Made Toys for the Young and Young at Heart

Cambridge Wooden Toy Co.

"Wiesel Popper" Pop Gun
Western 6-Shooter
Winchester Model 54 Bolt Action 30-30 Rifle
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