The Meanest Thing on the Block

This is the meanest Ping Pong Ball shooter on the block. The Dragon Slayer measures 23" long with a 17 " bow made from Poplar Hardwood and Powered by Surgical Tubing it will send the ping pong ball out the barrel faster then you can say " Look Out " Made for outdoor use. Price $ 32.95 shipping weight 3 lbs. 12 oz.

American Hand Made Toys for the Young and Young at Heart

Cambridge Wooden Toy Co.

" Dragon Slayer " Ping Pong Ball Crossbow
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5 Shot Ping Pong Ball Rifle
5 shot Ping Pong Ball Gun
Great for indoor play this shooter will give hours of fun.
Shoots about 35 feet and hold 5 balls. about 25" long
Made from Poplar Hardwood
Price $ 21.95 shipping weight 1 lb 12 oz.