2 Shot Ping Pong Ball Gun
Safe to use indoors this shooter will be great fun shooting empty pop cans. Shoots about 20 feet and measures 12 "
Made from Poplar hardwood
Price $ 9.75 shipping weight 1 lb.
3 shot Ping Pong Ball Gun
Great for indoor play this shooter will give hours of fun.
Shoots about 25 feet and hold 3 balls. about 15-1/2 " long
Made from Poplar Hardwood
Price $ 11.25 shipping weight 1 lb 1 oz.

American Hand Made Toys for the Young and Young at Heart

Cambridge Wooden Toy Co.

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"Rubber Band Gun"
My Grandson wanted a big rubberband gun so here it is.
The Buntline Special is a full 21-1/2 inches long and shoots a 6 & 7 " rubberband. Comes with a bag full of extra rubberbands. Easy to load and shoot with the handmade trigger. Made from Poplar Hardwood
Price $ 10.95 Shipping weight 1 lb 1 oz.
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