American Hand Made Toys for the Young and Young at Heart

Cambridge Wooden Toy Co.

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Pull Toys
The Wiggle Worm --

This is a great classic pull toy for a child for as soon as they start to walk. The boby wiggles back and forth and the itenas on top of it's head go up and down. Your child will have lots of fun watching this wiggle worn as they pull it around the house. Made from Walnut and Poplar hardwood it is 20 " long, and 4-1/2 " wide.
          weight is 4 lbs. Price is $ 32.95
Grass Hopper --

This is another classic Pull toy for a child just learning to walk. the grass hoppers hind feet move up and down as it moves forward made from walnut and poplar wardwood. It measures 11 " long and weights 1lb 5 oz. Price is $ 21.95
My First Choo-Choo
             Every child when they start to walk will Love
to pull this first Choo-Choo. The Pistons move back and forth as it moves around the floor. This is a big engine measuring 10-1/2 " Long 9" High & 7" Wide.
Weight 3 lbs. Price $ 32.95